Tina (ティナ Tina?) is a dolphin that befriended Minami after saving her from drowning in the sea.


  • Season:Go! Princess Pretty Cure
  • Age:8
  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes Color:Dark Brown
  • Hair Color:None
  • Homeland:Yumegahama
  • First Appearance:Episode 16
  • Voice Actor:Satomi Kōrogi


She first appears in episode 16. She saved Minami when she was a child from drowning after she tried to swim. After this, both of them became really good friends.

Despite being a wild animal, Tina always appears when Minami shows up at the Resort.

While Mermaid was fighting a Zetsuborg, Tina was heavily injured by one of its attacks while protecting Mermaid and was saved by the power of the Bubble Dress Up Key.


She resembling a dolphin with dark brown eyes.


She is a friendly dolphin and care for Minami but also extremely protective of her when she protect her from Zetsuborg.


Minami KaidoEdit

Her best friend. She really cares a lot about Minami. When she goes to the resort, they swim together in the sea. During a battle against a Zetsuborg, she took a hit for Cure Mermaid that nearly killed her. Mermaid was hoping that Tina would pull through and the Miracle Bubble Dress Up Keyappears, healing her and Mermaid's wounds.


  • She is the fourth animal that knows about the identity of a Pretty Cure. The first is Chuutaro, the second being Korone and the third being Maro.