Stella Amanogawa  (天ノ川ステラ Amanogawa Sutera?) is a minor character who appears in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. She is the mother of Kirara Amanogawa and her dream is to be on stage with her daughter. Later, her new dream is for her and Kirara to become super models.


  • Season:Go! Princess Pretty Cure
  • Age:30
  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes Color:Turquoise
  • Hair Color:Dirty Blonde
  • Homeland:Yumegahama
  • Relatives:Kirara Amanogawa (Daughter), Ken Takamagahara (Husband)
  • First Appearance:Episode 5 (Flashback), Episode 17 (Full Appearance)
  • Voice Actor:Ohara Sayaka


Reuniting with her DaughterEdit

She meet her daughter when going to the show and she explore the town with the girls and she comfort Kirara by stretch her face. At home, she didn't clean the room, making Kirara clean it while Stella make some food. Kirara practice her poses and Stella enter her room and Kirara is angry at her for not being serious for the performance that doesn't mean she is genius. During the show, Shut and Twilight target her and become a Mother and daughter modal Zetsuborg. After Twinkle understand that she try to make up with her, her body glow and allow Twinkle to use it to defeat the Zetsuborg along with other Cures. They begin walk runway and they found something:become a top modal together.


She has dirty blonde hair that curls up at the end and her eyes color are turquoise. She is shown to be quite tall.        


She is kind but serious about her model work when on stage but when with Kirara, she acts more like a mother. She gets excited when she realizes that Kirara has friends. She always tries to cheer Kirara up whenever she is stressed.


Kirara AmanogawaEdit

Her daughter. Who excited when she met her friends for the first time and they spent a lot of time. Kirara is angry at her for not being serious because she is genius. Kirara realize that she was trying to comfort her and together they become top modal together.

Ken TakamagaharaEdit

Her husband. Who gone to Hollywood to work as a famous actor. Allowing her to spend more time with Kirara.