Reiko Kisaragi (如月れいこ Kisaragi Reiko?) is a minor character who appears in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. She is the girls' dorm supervisor who originally disliked the idea of keeping Puff in the dorms.


  • Season:Go! Princess Pretty Cure
  • Age:14
  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes Color:Blue
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Homeland:Yumegahama
  • First Appearance:Episode 3
  • Voice Actor:Risa Mizuno


First AppearanceEdit

She is seen scolding Haruka for being late and keep reprimanded her for her careless chores. She was shock to see Puff and don't allow her to stay because it will break the rule so Shirogane suggest that Minami make a decision. As the students vote for keeping Puff, she admit she dislike dog and run away. When she saw a Zetsuborg, Puff protect her and evacuate with her before came across another Zetsuborg created by Close. Puff try everthing she can to protect Reiko. Before the Zetsuborg finsh them, the Cures arrive to save them. She decided to vote for keeping Puff.


She has long black hair held back by a headband, blue eyes, and she wears oval-shaped glasses. She is mostly seen in her school uniform.


She is strict and merciless like scolding Haruka for being late and not allow to keep Puff in the dorm. She eventually took her liking of her when she protect her from Zetsuborg.


  • She is the first character to be the supervisor.