Puff (パフ Pafu?) is one of the main fairies and deuteragonist from the series Go! Princess Pretty Cure. She ends her sentences with "~pafu".


  • Season:Go! Princess Pretty Cure
  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes Color:Purple
  • Hair Color:Pink
  • Homeland:Hope Kingdom
  • Relatives:Aroma (Brother)
  • First Appearance:Episode 1
  • Theme Color:Pink
  • Voice Actor:Nao Toyama


She is dog-like fairy with pale pink skin, a pink tail and ears and has pink heart highlights in her purple eyes. She wears a a gold tiara with a magenta jewel in the middle on her head and has a gold brooch on her chest. As a human, she resembles a young girl in a pink and white dress. She still retains her hairstyle, tiara and the hearts on her cheeks.


She is a spoiled, talkative and carefree fairy. She loves fashion and is most happy trying out different hairstyles.



She and her brother was given the "Princess Perfumes" to search for the Princess Pretty Cure to save her home, Hope Kingdom.

Meeting HarukaEdit

While Haruka Haruno and her new roommate Yui Nanase are exploring the grounds of the school, they stop and talk about their dreams. Haruka Haruno gets a bit embarrassed by her dream to be a princess and runs off into the woods where Puff is searching for the Princess Pretty Cures. Puff keeps tripping over her long ears and falling down so Haruka picks her up and is initially shocked that Puff can talk but ties up her ears to help after getting over it. Thinking her to be a poodle, Haruka calls her this but a somewhat annoyed Puff keeps saying she is a fairy. During this, Aroma shows up carrying a treasure chest that contains the Princess Perfume and Close attacks, sealing Yui's dream, creating a Zetsuborg. The two mascots try to stand up to the Zetsuborg but take a bad hit, which opens up the chest. Seeing Haruka's totem, they realize that it is the Dress Up Key that can open the Princess Perfume and Haruka transforms and defeats the Zetsuborg.



Her brother. They deeply care for each other.


The name Puff, which refers to powder puffs, pieces of soft material used for the application of face powder.


  • She is the second canine mascot to appear in the franchise, preceded by Raquel.
  • She has lots in common with Candy from Smile Pretty Cure!: both have older brothers, love fashion and having their hair/ears done.
  • She is the third female mascot to have a brother, preceded by Lulun and Candy.
  • She is one of the many mascots who is capable of flight.
  • She is the second mascot to be taken in as a pet. The first one was Tarte.
  • She can be seen with a new "hairstyle" in the eyecatch of each episode so far.