Music Princess Palace (ミュージックプリンセスパレス Myūjikku Purinsesu Paresu?) is the item that the Cures in Go! Princess Pretty Cure first use in episode 30. It is used to perform the attack, Éclat Espoir, and later Grand Printemps. In order for them to summon it, Puff and Aroma have to be in their maid and butler forms. In episode 50, it turned back into Hope Kingdom's palace.


It is a music box with the form of Hope Kingdom's castle. The most visible part is the ballroom, where the cures can insert the four Premium Keys inside four pink keyholes like in the Princess Perfume. On the right side, there is a little staircase that comes from the activating tower, which can open the princess door and ends in the castle's crystal handle, which has the Cures' themes on it. When the handle is turned, the ballroom turns and the keys spin around. On the left side of the Palace, there is a bigger staircase that comes from some little towers. In the upper part of the castle, there are some crystal towers and the princess door in a balcony, which glows in different colors when it's opened by the tower on its right side. Basically the Princess Palace is white-colored and the tops of the towers are dark pink-colored. The higher towers are made of crystal, while the door, the ballroom and its keyholes are pink. The palace has golden details in the ballroom, the stairs and the towers. Inside the ballroom, there are four crystal windows, each colored pink, blue, yellow and red, one for each Cure.


Along with the four Premium Dress Up Keys (Sakura, Sango, Ginga and Sun) the Princess Palace allows the four Princess Pretty Cures to access their last Mode Elegant, which provides them with their Premium dresses. They can also use the Music Princess Palace to perform their third group attack Éclat Espoir. In episode 39, the Cures unlocked their newest attack, Grand Printemps, thanks to the Royal Key. The palace also allows the Cures to use their new sub-attacks with the Premium keys. Flora can use Sakura Turbulence, Mermaid can use Coral Maelstrom, Twinkle can use Galaxy Chorus and Scarlet can use Scarlet Prominence. It also functions as a music box, as seen in episode 46.


  • The palace itself is the Hope Kingdom transformed into it.
  • This is a brand new item that never existed in the season before its appearance for some reasons:
    • The Palace was born from Hope Kingdom's castle, which always existed.
    • The Past Princess Cures never used this item, as there are four Dress Up Keys slots in the ballroom and they only consist of three Cures.
  • As the ballroom turns on itself it seems that the Dress Up Keys dance around it as if they were the Cures.