Like a Flower...! Strong, Kind, and Beautiful! (花のように…!つよくやさしく美しく!Hana no Yō ni...! Tsuyoku Yasashiku Utsukushiku!?) is forty-seventh episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Palace of Flower is restored and reviving the Hope Kingdom.
  • Cure Flora perform Sakura Turbulence for the first time.
  • Dyspear prepares to attack Noble Academy.


Everyone are drinking and Haruka look outside and its snowing, she go outside and watch the leaves called snow flakes and she say its means "hope".

At the Dys Dark, Dyspear was angry for letting the Cures restore the Palace of Sea. At the dormitory, the Royal Dress Up Key is glowing and Kanata tells them to restore the Palace of Flower and teleport to Hope Kingdom. Haruka heard a mysterious voice and its a bird from the Flower stories and follow it to the palace and the door close, the others were unable to reach her.

Entering the mysterious world, Haruka was shocked that her outfit changed and meet the prince and they go to the palace and enjoy themselves. The other try to open the palace's door but cannot open, Dyspear appear before them and reveal that Haruka trapped in the world to make her forget them and send Stop and Freeze to creates a Butterfly Zetsuborg to attack them.

As Haruka wandering the garden, she try to plant the seed but it move itself and find that it is not and she doesn't want to be a princess and said that she want to become a Grand Princess and the world turn black and white and turn out it was created by Close to lure her into trap. Haruka transform and fight him and he ask why she doesn't want to be a princess and she say that there's no beauty in a dream that is granted effortless. Because strong, kind and beautiful is who she is and use Lily Tourbillon to drive Close away and perform Sakura Turbulence to revert the Zetsuborg into its original form and use Grand Printemps to defeat it and the trio leaves.

Using the Dress Up Keys on the Princess Palace, the Palace of Flower restored and destroying Dys Dark. Before they can unlock the door of Despair, Dyspear impress for restoring the Kingdom as she prepare to attack Noble Academy, which the Cures were shocked to learn what her plan is.



  • The first trailer for Maho Girls Pretty Cure! is shown.
  • Last appearance of Zetsuborg in this episode.