Beautiful...!? The Wandering Shut and the Snow Castle! (美しい…!?さすらうシャットと雪の城!Utsukushī...!? Sasurau Shatto to Yuki no Shiro!?) is forty-sixth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Shut assume his beast form and is defeated and left.


Everyone cleaning for the New Year. The Cures were discussing about where they planned with their family. Outside, Shut wandering the snow as he cannot return to Dys Dark.

The girls shows Towa outside and they enjoy themselves around the snow and they build a model with snow and they noticed that Towa is making something and she said she want to make a castle that resembling Hope Kingdom with the other students join in to build a castle. Shut wandering the town and feel lonely and the pigeon took his rose and think it will be a new of him as he run off.

With the castle completed, everyone went back home but Towa forgot her gloves and take it back but she was confronted by Shut who become angered after seeing a castle and he attempt to destroy it but the other Cures arrive to aid Scarlet. Shut growing more furious and assume his beast form to attack the Cures but they were overpower, the Cures show him how ugly is and he transform into his lynx-like monster form to attack them but Scarlet use Scarlet Illusion to calm him down before defeat him with Grand Printemps, reverting back to his normal form. Shut ask Scarlet what will she do, she said sublime, noble and beautiful is something that is warm and ask him for help but he refuses as he left.

The Cures arrive and see the castle is repair thanks to Yui. Shut watch them and understand the meaning of Strong, Kind and Beautiful and Shamour give him the scarf before leaving. The Cures and their family enjoy themselves before the new year, somewhere at the street, Shut walk to the city as he depart to unknown place.