Bubbling Feelings! Minami's True Thoughts! (湧き上がる想い!みなみの本当のキモチ!Wakiagaru Omoi! Minami no Hontō no Kimochi!?) is forty-forth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Cure Mermaid performs Coral Maelstrom for the first time.
  • Minami revealed her dream is to become a marine veterinarian.


Minami dream of swimming in the ocean along with other fishes and Tina and saw her parent's cruise and they disappear and the dream suspended. Everyone except Minami were preparing for Christmas Party and Kirara preparing for her work before going to France and saw Minami reading and she notice she read the book with the picture of Asuka whom they met in Kaido's Cruise.

Haruka saw Minami watching outside and ask what she doing but she say it fine. While consult with the student, Kirara barge in and ask Minami for help as she drag her to the beach and the mascot found on the boat. Minami realise that she trick her and she read her book of becoming marine biologist but she say it has nothing to do with her as they shortly argue. Minami admit that she dream about what happen because she thinking about her dream.

At the Dys Dark, Shut was irritated about the rainbow and fearing that Dyspear will get angry and he must quickly defeat the Cures.

Haruka and the other discover that Minami is acting strange lately because she doesn't tell them anyhing.

As Shut angrily searching the Cures, Zama ask him what he's doing and become more annoyed and irritated and use her to become Blackboard Zetsuborg. Minami and Kirara alerted its presence and transform but only to find that Mermaid's power is weakening due to her hidden feelings before Flora and Scarlet come to her aid. Flora scold Mermaid for remain silent and hide her feeling because she found a new dream and encourage her not to give up, giving Mermaid determination to beat the Zetsuborg and perform Coral Maelstrom so can allow the group to use Grand Printemps to defeat it, which angering Shut as he leave.

At the Hope Kingdom, Kanata discover the Palace of Sea covered in thorn. Minami reveal that she was checking Asuka as she reveal that she travel to America, Florida's aquarium to care the marine life because she want to be like her and becoming marine doctor.



  • The opening sponsor card features Cure Scarlet in honour of her birthday, December 15.
  • When Shut is looking at the two rainbows, Scarlet's rainbows was colored pink instead of red.