Yui's Dream! The Feelings are in the Canvas...! (ゆいの夢!想いはキャンバスの中に・・・!Yui no Yume! Omoi wa Kyanbasu no Naka ni...!?) is forty-first episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Yui becomes a Zetsuborg for the third time, however, she is able to fight against the despair she is going through, helping the Cures to purify her.


Yui draw a Hope Kingdom's picture about the Temple of Fire. There's a drawing contest and Yui looking forward to participate. The Cures reveal that Kanata return to Hope Kingdom to stay there and Shamour give the Cures a cooking lesson as Yui continue to draw. She find that she cannot draw anything that can make smile but she keep trying and fell asleep. Haruka left her some cake and put towel at her back and write a message for her.

Outside the academy, Yume meet Yui and ask what she doing. She wander around and came across some student doing their activity.

At the Dys Dark, Dyspear is angry and Close assign Stop and Freeze to deal with the Cures as they left.

At the grassland, Yui meet Yume again, seeing some children drawing and confronted by Stop and Freeze, who attempt to target the children but Yui stand in their way and they target her instead, Yui attempt to fight back but quickly succumbed into despair and creates a Sketch Book Zetsuborg. The Cures noticed and transform.

Arriving at the scene, Yume was shocked to see Flora, whom they met in episode 18 and tell her to evacuate before fighting the Zetsuborg. Yui was awaken and find that the Cures are fighting, with their words, she fight her despair and weaken the Zetsuborg, allowing the Cures to perform Grand Printemps to defeat the Zetsuborg and saved Yui's dream again. Yume and the other teachers arrive but they left.

Yui draw the picture of Cures and show them and put it on the museum and Yume was surprised to see that Yui was able to participate.



  • The opening contains no more previews for the movie Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Go! Go!! Splendid Triple Feature!!! that was released in theaters on October 31st. However, there were still some scenes during the sponsor announcements.
  • Because the focus of the episode was mainly on Yui, there was no ending card featuring a Dress Up Key.
  • This is the first episode where a Zetsuborg victim fights back from within the Cage of Despair