The Tearful Heart...! The Thing Minami Wants to Protect! (波立つ心・・・!みなみの守りたいもの!Namidatsu Kokoro...! Minami no Mamoritai Mono!?) is thirty-sixth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Minami's parents appear for the first time.


The Cures visit the cruise called Sea Dream run by Minami's parents:Tsukasa and Masumi Kaido. They meet the Cures and they enjoy themselves around the cruise and Minami see Tina playing and the girl introduce herself as Asuka Kitakaze and bring them to the aquarium and watch the fishes and other species and even feed them.

Back at the cruise, the Kaido family make an announcement and Minami saw Asuka and chat with her with her parents and they reveal that Asuka is a professor of marine biology and offer her to help the group but she refuses because she want to follow her dream to understand ocean. As she went outside, she was targeted by Stop and Freeze and creates a Penguin Zetsuborg, which the Cures heard its voice and transform. Tsukasa notice but he was saved by Mermaid and ask him to evacuate the other. The Zetsuborg attempt to destroy the torpedo but Mermaid arrive in time and slow it down by using Bubble and Frozen Ripple before defeat it with Eclat Espoir. Mermiad wondering what Asuka said back there.

Tsukasa ask the Cures about the girl who saved the cruise but feel skeptical. Minami and Asuka watch the sea and she find that Minami's dream is to become like her family and they will meet again and they pursue their dream as they shake hand and leaves.