Too Much Trouble~! Haruka's Princess Contest! (ピンチすぎる~!はるかのプリンセスコンテスト!Pinchi Sugiru~! Haruka no Purinsesu Kontesuto!?) is thirty-forth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit


In the dormitory, the Cures find that Kanata is somewhere around so Haruka suggest they should look for him but it too dark, Shamour suggest by wishing a star, Haruka use the Lesson Pad to make wish and reveal that it chocolate, Kirara arrive from her work and reveal that the chocolate name called:Chocolate Princess Contest. Haruka feel nervous of being a model so Kirara help her out.

Kirara teach her to become a model so she don't need to be nervous so she will win Princess Contest. At the Dys Dark, Shut dancing and Stop and Freeze should deal with the Cures.

Kirara is now performing a model pose as Haruka look on, the girls rush to Kirara and give her autograph as Haruka go to the concert without Kirara. Kirara continue to do the pose and take a break, suddenly, she spotted Stop and Freeze as they target a lady who dream of becoming a makeup then create a Makeup Zetsuborg. Kirara transform and fight it by herself. Puff and Aroma detect the presence and Minami and Towa head to the scene. Haruka feeling trouble how to do the pose but with Kirara's word she will try. When it was her turn, only Yui watching and learn that the other left and Yui show her the board that the other Cures wrote and she make a pose before rush to the other. The other Cures were still overpower but Flora arrived in time and they perform Eclat Espoir to defeat the Zetsuborg before Stop and Freeze leave.

Haruka won the contest and received a bouquet of flowers. She was shocked to see Kanata but he disappeared after that.   




  • Kuroro is added to the opening with Yui and Miss Shamour.
  • This is the last episode where the characters wear their summer casual clothes.