Teach me, Shamour! A Happy Lesson for Granting Wishes! ((教えてシャムール!願い叶える幸せレッスン!Oshiete Shamūru! Negai Kanaeru Shiawase Ressun!?) is thirty-third episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Prince Kanata's brooch is found at the end of the episode.
  • Lock's real name is revealed to be Kuroro.


Miss Shamour lecture the Cures for makeup lesson. Haruka is seems bad at makeup and she had to practise while Shamour take care of Kuroro, who was Lock's real name and is still afraid to come out because of his old memories. Haruka try to call Shamour but not respond and they search for her but they found her exploring the town until they found her at the show. Shamour bring the group of cats and introducing Kuroro to them and want him to get along with him.

At the Dys Dark, Shut put up his makeup until he was interupted by the trio and Close scold him for his laziness and give him the new lock, this angering Shut.

Meanwhile, the calico and black cats trio were arguing and Shamour prepare a challenge for them. Each of the Cures give them a clothing with Kuroro represent calico cat while the older black cat represent black cats but Kuroro doesn't want and Shamour comfort him because he want to go back to Hope Kingdom. Next is picnic for break, Kuroro eat the donut and feeling well. Suddenly, they were confronted by Shut, who use the black cats trio to creates Shark, Pufferfish and Eel Zetsuborg. While the Cures are fighting them, Shamour fight Shut and give him a makeup despite the groups explain the reason and Shamour tells them that it will make everyone smile even though if they are enemy or not. The Cures defeat the Zetsuborg with Eclat Espoir and Shut putted up his makeup as he leave happily after Shamour reward him by putting a paw tattoo on his hand. Shamour encourage Kuroro by saying that they should learn more so Kuroro say that he will try his best to fullfill his dream if he want to return home.

At the Dys Dark, Shut was excited about his new makeup while the trio were unaware of his new look as they carry on their plan.

Back at the park, the cats found a brooch and the group discover that its symbol is Hope Kingdom, proving that Kanata is still alive and close by.




  • This is the second episode where an animal is used to create a Zetsuborg, following GPPC26.