The New Semester! A New Dream and A New Threat! (新学期!新たな夢と新たなる脅威!Shin Gakki! Aratana Yume to Aratanaru Kyōi!?) is thirty-first episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Close return.
  • New appearance of Zetsuborg.
  • Stop and Freeze make their first appearance.
  • With the power of despair he collected, Close creates a new despair castle for Dyspear.
  • Dyspear return after her recovery.
  • Lock is revealed to be a mascot and is now sleeping in the Lesson Pad.
  • The new semester at Noble Academy begins.
  • The end of the episode shows a boy resembling Prince Kanata near a lake.
  • A new eyecatch including Cure Scarlet and Puff and Aroma in their maid and butler forms debuts.


Haruka had a dream about Kanata before she was wake up by Puff and they begin the new semester. The seed suddenly land on the earth. The Cures now having flower arrangement lesson and revealed that Lock is a mascot and is now sleeping in the Princess Lesson Pad with Shamour take care of him. Haruka meet Hanae Komori while she weed the flowers' bud, who also like to tend flower in the garden and ask her to become a flower coordinator.

Puff sense the evil presence and the crows flying around the academy and that voice is revealed to be Close, who has return due to using Lock's energy and resurrect himself and the Cures transform to fight him but prove to be powerful, he creates his minion named:Stop and Freeze and have them target Hanae and creates a Flower Zetsuborg and prove too strong for them but they managed to defeat it with Eclat Espoir before the trio left and saying that the despair will be born from despair as message.

At the Dys Dark, Shut was shocked to see that Close is alive and using the gauges that Lock gathered, he created a castle and bring Dyspear back to life and put him in charge of the group.

At the academy, Haruka and Hanae arrange the flower and it is done. Somewhere at the lake, a boy that resembling Kanata standing and watching the lake.