Our Hearts Are Together! The Sunlight That Shines on the Pretty Cure! (心は一緒!プリキュアを照らす太陽の光! Kokoro wa Issho! Purikyua o Terasu Taiyō no Hikari!?) is twenty-eighth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Lock steals all of the Dress Up Keys except for Towa's.
  • Scarlet gains the Premium Sun Dress Up Key.
  • Lock is revealed to have two clones of himself.


It another summer holiday, the girls go to the beach and enjoy themself but Towa express her fear of swimming. They play splashing, making sand art, playing volley ball and listening shell voice. Puff is starving and Towa cut watermelon and they eat it up. Towa still getting nervous because of her fear of swimming and tell them that she forgot something and ran to the resort but she was unable to tell them the truth. 

At the resort, Towa was unable to tell them and she meet Yui, who also forgot smething, she show her the sketch that she drew about their summer vacation and trip but suddenly they were confronted by Lock who target Yui's dream but she try to fight back but unable to struggle and creates a Sketch Zetsuborg. Towa transform and battle it while the trio are fighting Lock and his clones. Scarlet notice that the Zetsuborg is going to smash the sketch that Yui drawn but she was able to save it and express her gratitude about Yui and defeat it with Phoenix Blaze while the other Cures manage to drive Lock away. Yui thank Scarlet for saving her and her sketch creates a Premium Sun Dress Up Key. 

The other were surprise about the key and Towa offer it to Yui but she turn down the offer and tell her to keep it. Towa admit to everyone that she dislike swimming but they also notice that expression. While heading back, they noticed that their Dress Up Keys were gone except Towa's. Who was actually taken by Lock and his clones via the shadow without them notice as they panicked.   



  • This is the second time Yui's dream was used to create the Zetsuborg.
  • Cure Twinkle perform the solo in the middle of the ending.
  • As of this episode, they have found the tenth Dress Up Key...but lost the first nine of their keys.
  • The animation of Cure Mermaid and Twinkle using their attacks on Lock's clone is the same as them using their attacks in the opening.