Go For It, Yuki! Echoing Support at the Summer Festival! (ガンバレゆうき!応援ひびく夏祭り!Ganbare Yūki! Ōen Hibiku Natsumatsuri!?) is twenty-seventh episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Cures performed Trinity Explosion and Phoenix Blaze together for the first time.


It Summer Festival in the evening, Minami made yukata for Haruka and Yui, which fit them. Yuki is seen practising tennis and her fans show concern of his injury. In the festival, Haruka and Yui sell some apricots and they are allow to hang out. They meet up with Minami and enjoy themselves, they saw Seira who pound the drum, helping Reiko to get plushie of Puff with Shirogane's advice and meet up with Kirara and Towa, who taking photograph as a model. They approaches Yuki and his club member, who was looking forward for their match for their training camp, they keep arguing and they leave Yuki alone, allowing him to spend time with the Cures. His fans drag Haruka and reveal that he injured his elbow during the practise, Yuki and the other heard everything and scold them that is none of his business as he storm out.

Later, Shut thinking about Towa and Lock, he discover Yuki's fans and use them to creates three Cheerleaders Zetsuborgs. The Cures transform and Shut order his Zetsuborg to attack them. Yuki was surprised to noticed Flora when they encounter each other in episode 7. Flora take Yuki somewhere safety and follow her because he want to know why she saved him. He admit to Flora that his coach forbid him to participate the match because he injured his elbow, with Flora's word, he was encouraged before rejoin the other. The Zetsuborgs are prove to be formidable but Yuki throw the stone at them to weaken them and tells Flora that he can use the other elbow for the match and they perform Trinity Explosion along with Phoenix Blaze to defeat them.

Yuki wanted to apologize to her fans for what he said back there and they tells him that they will support him no matter what, Everyone look at the fireworks as Yuki wonder why Flora know him.   



  • In the ending, Cure Mermaid performs the solo in the middle.
  • This is the first episode so far where three Zetsuborgs have been summoned.
  • The part in the opening with Yui and the fairies was changed showing Puff and Aroma's transformation.