Rescue Lady Towa! Fight, Royal Fairies! (トワ様を救え!戦うロイヤルフェアリー! Towa-sama o Sukue! Tatakau Roiyaru Fearī!?) is twenty-sixth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit


Its summer vacation and Towa along with the mascots spend their time at the academy but while unpacking her case she suddenly fell ill and they need to call Miss Shamour but the pad is with Haruka and Aroma call her and the other Cures about Towa's state. Aroma left while Puff stay to watch Towa. Aroma arrive where Haruka and Shamour are waiting and gives him the herb to cure Towa.

Meanwhile, Shut was getting bored about vacation and cannot find any victim and found a cicada and target it to creates a Cicada Zetsuborg. Puff notice them and tell them to be quiet because Towa is sleeping, Shut decided to go after her but he order the Zetsuborg to deal with Puff but she use the net to catch but cannot catch it because it too small. The Zetsuborg grow its size and prepare to attack Puff but was saved by Aroma, who managed to brew the herb tea for Towa so she can recover. The mascots work together to draw the Zetsuborg using the bed sheet but it attack them, suddenly, their body glow and they have butler and maid outfit. The Cures arrived after noticed them and transform. The Zetsuborg grow its size and become more bigger, they initially get the upper hand but the Zetsuborg produced a noise to slow them down but the mascots were unaffected and hit the Zetsuborg, allowing Scarlet to defeat it with Phoenix Blaze.

Miss Shamour congratulate the mascots for becoming a butler and maid as Towa continue to rest.



  • The opening now includes two unamed Dys Dark's commanders, Powered-up Lock, Towa and Cure Scarlet and the second half of the song is used.
    • Additionally, the second half of the opening song's lyrics are used.
  • This is the first episode where an animal is targeted and become a Zetsuborg.