Together Forever! The Four of Us are Princess Pretty Cure! (ず~っと一緒!私たち4人でプリンセスプリキュア! Zu~tto Issho! Watashi-tachi Yonin de Purinsesu Purikyua!?) is the twenty-third episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Cure Scarlet officially joins the team.
  • The Cures learn about Yume Mochizuki being the headmistress of Noble Academy.
  • Lock's adult figure is presented for the first time.
  • Cure Scarlet uses Scarlet Illusion and Scarlet Spark for the first time. Also, she uses the Fireworks Dress Up Key for the first time.
  • Dyspear returns to the Forest of Despair to heal after her battle with Cure Scarlet and gives Lock a gauge to fill up so she can return.
  • Yume Mochizuki offers Towa to enroll in Noble Academy, which she accepts.


Towa speak to Shamour but Haruka accidentally open the door and ask her to take a tour around Yumegahama. Towa wear a cloth and they enjoy themselves, at the Marble Donuts shop, Towa tell them that it not good to enjoy herself when she think about Hope Kingdom and ran off on her own. At the Dys Dark, Dyspear is angry after her previous battle with Scarlet and gives Lock a gauges to fill despair's energy so she can reach her full strength before going to Forest of Despair.

Towa has not experience about the earth and she meet Yume, whom she regonized in episode 18. They having lunch and saying how important of keeping your heart filled with warm feelings. Suddenly, Lock appear before them and trapped Yume to creates a Crystal Zetsuborg. Towa transform and fight by using Scarlet Illusion and Spark damage it but Lock power it up by using lock along with Yume's despair to make it more powerful and wounded Scarlet. Before it can finish her, the trio arrive in time and Flora hug Scarlet that they should enjoy themselves and Scarlet find it has warm feelings and apologize to them for her action. The trio weaken the Zetsuborg and allow Scarlet to defeat it with Phoenix Blaze.

Back at Dys Dark, Lock use the gauges he collected to assumes his adult-like age. The girls were brought to Yume's office, who were shocked that they learned that she is the principle of academy and offer Towa to enroll the academy, to which she accepted and say that she will find some warm friend.



  • Towa says the lines for the opening and is also added in the walk where the girls are walking.
  • The girls' summer clothing made their debut in this episode.