The Fire of Hope! Her Name is Cure Scarlet!! (希望の炎!その名はキュアスカーレット!! Kibō no Honō! Sono Na wa Kyua Sukāretto!!?) is the twenty-second episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Towa transform into Cure Scarlet and perform Phoenix Blaze for the first time.
  • Dyspear attacks the Cures and attempts to brainwash Towa back into Twilight.
  • The Scarlet Violin and Scarlet's keys all appear for the first time.


The Cures brought Towa who was weaken, they took her to the dormitory. At the Dys Dark, Shut was devastated after Twilight become back Towa while Lock did not see Dyspear around.

Towa is having a dream about how she and her brother play violin together and she awaken and remember her memories as Twilight and go out but spotted Haruka who playing Kanata's violin. She approach her and play violin but she refuses as she does not want to hear it anymore, suddenly, they are confronted by Dyspear, who tried to make Towa back to her side and locked her into the thorn tower that Dyspear created to fuel her despair and turn everyone into stone, the other arrive and quickly transform, they were unable to reach Towa but Flora will reach her, she save Towa while Mermaid and Twinkle fend off Dyspear's attack and Flora enter the tower and convince Towa how she want to be Grand Princess and play violin for her to remember what her brother said and she play the violin too. Both play together and caused the power to fade and Towa will swear that she will not fell into despair, which angering Dyspear and attack her, suddenly, the blue flame surrounded her and she overcome her sins and become a red flame, her Dress Up Keys all changes and transform into a Pretty Cure named:Cure Scarlet. She overwhelm Dyspear's power and switch to Mode Elegant and used Phoenix Dress Up Keys to transform Kanata's violin into Scarlet Violin and perform Phoenix Blaze to caused Dyspear to retreat.

After the battle, Scarlet tells Flora that she believe that her brother is still alive.



  • Prince Kanata disappeared in the opening. Implying his unknown status.
  • Only Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle used all of their attack in this episode while Flora only used Lily Tourbillon.
  • The Cures don't transform in this episode, only Cure Scarlet did.