Diamond Eternal (ダイヤモンド・エターナル Daiyamondo・Etānaru?) is the first group attack performed by Cure Miracle and Cure Magical from the Maho Girls Pretty Cure! series. It is first used in episode 2 and requires the Magic Wands and Linkle Stone Dia to be inserted into the Linkle Sticks.


The girls hold their Linkle Sticks in front of their bodies and as they jump, they wave their wands around then grab each other's hands as they fall. When they touch the ground, a wave of light comes forward, in which the Cures strike a pose and Mofurun touches his Linkle Stone Dia on his bow. When he touches his bow again, the girls each draw one half of a diamond as they say part of the incantation, in which it joins together to create a large crystal diamond that traps the enemy. As they say "Pretty Cure!", a pentagram appears and when they say "Diamond Eternal!", the diamond flies through the pentagram sending the enemy back to wherever it was created from.



Both: ダイヤ!
Both: 永遠の輝きよ!私達の手に!
Both: クルクル・リンクル~!
Both: プリキュアダイヤモンド…エターナル!


Both: Daiya!
Both: Eien no kagayaki yo! Watashitachi no te ni!
Both: Kurukuru・Rinkuru~!
Both: Purikyua Daiyamondo...Etānaru!


Both: Dia!
Both: Forever shining! With our hands!
Both: Spinning・Linkle!
Both: Pretty Cure Diamond...Eternal!


  • This attack is reminiscent of Marble Screw in some ways.
    • The two Cures hold hands while performing the attack.
    • It unleashes two blasts of both white and black colored light.
  • This is the fourth attack to have the word "Diamond" in its name, preceded by Twinkle Diamond, Diamond Shower and Diamond Swirkle.
  • In episode 43, Mother RaPaPa uses an attack similar to this to seal Deusmast within the sun.
  • This is the third attack to trap the monster in a jewel, preceding Lucky Clover Grand Finale and Emerald Illusion.