Cryasse Corporation (クライアス社 Kuraiasu Sha?) are the main antagonists in Hugtto! Pretty Cure. Their goal is to obtains Mirai Crystal and rob Earth's future away by freezing time so everyone can have "eternal happiness".

Although they have many more employees, most of the season's villains are from the Azababu branch office.


It is not known when the company was founded. The Azababu branch office was established in 2018.

The Cryasse Corporation was responsible for taking away Hugtan & Harry's world's future. It was thanks to the White Mirai Crystal that the two escaped. The company is pursuing them to acquire the Crystal.




  • Daigan (Head of Azababu branch office, purified in episode 24, temporarily rehired and purified in episode 38)
  • Papple (Section chief of Azababu branch office, purified in episode 22)
  • Chararit (Chief clerk of Azababu branch office, presumably fired in episode 6, purified in episode 11)
  • Lulu (Part-timer of Azababu branch office, defected in episode 17)
  • Jeros (Executive then promoted to general manager of Azababu branch office)
  • Dr. Traum (Counselor of Azababu branch office, purified in episode 37)
  • Bicine (Customer specialist of Azababu branch office)
  • JinJin & Takumi (Bodyguards of Jeros, purified in episode 31)
  • Harriham Harry (Formerly)



暗い (Kurai?) means "dark" or "gloomy", 明日 (asu?) means "tomorrow". クライアス社 (Kuraiasu-sha?) can be translated as "Gloomy Tomorrow Company".


  • This is the second antagonistic group that resides in the tall building, the first being Nightmare from Yes! Pretty Cure 5.